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Private Lessons

Learning to perform music has incredible benefits to any person with the desire, time, and energy to practice and improve. Musicians use their bodies, minds, and souls to create songs with their voices or with instruments. When a person creates a beautiful song that pleases themselves as well a listeners, there is magic in that moment. 

Jimmy has worked successfully with young students in the elementary grades, with teenagers, and especially enjoys working with adults who still have songs in their hearts that they want to sing and play. 

Jimmy teaches at his home on Spirea Drive in Oakwood, where he has a piano, organ, harpsichord, guitars, and trumpets. Whether you or a family member want to work toward a career in music or you just love to sing or play at home for your own pleasure, Jimmy can help you meet your musical goals. 

Dr. Leach has earned three degrees (B.S.E, M.M., D.M.A) in music education and performance and has years of teaching experience in elementary, secondary, college, and private settings, including three teaching awards from Harvard University. 

Individual lessons are $35 for a half hour, $50 for 45 minutes, $70 for an hour, You get a 15% discount when paying by the month. Lessons in your home can be arranged for an additional fee.

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